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SHOW: World Cat Show Poznan/Poland 2011.10.29-30

The Biggest FIFe World Cat Show ever..... it was unforgettable... over 1500 cats from 33 countries, 31 judge .... and lots of visitors

Noksas*LT at this Show was represented by 4 cats.
Two cats Aviles Noksas*LT and Theo Noksas*LT goes with us from Lithuania, one our kid Rewa Noksas*LT goes from Lithuanian cattery Zundeja and one other our lovely kid Thaxton Noksas*LT goes to show from our good firends Poland Cornish Rex cattery Neytirus*PL.

..... so the results (it was big surprise for us, and we are very proud about them):
Aviles Noksas*LT - Ex1, NOM BIS
Theo Noksas*LT - Ex1, NOM BIS
Thaxton Noksas*LT from Neytirus*PL - Ex1, BIV
Rewa Noksas*LT from Zundeja - Ex2

We have a lots of photos so we offering you to join us to look around:

3 big (really very big) halls of Show:

Information stand (you can see that there where 31 judges):

Zundeja ( her name Jolanta ;) ) the owner of our lovely baby Rewa Noksas*LT:

Aire Noksas*LT :) is talking with other breeders about other breeds ( i love her fantastic look :) ):

With Cornish Rex breeders ( Harri Saari, Josefine Gustavsson, Peretic Veronika ) she discus about tasty coffee:

Thats where lived our other babies:

Before ring they all are firends:



GONG!!!! BOKS!!!!......


.... and box for winner :)

ok, not so far .... lets take some photos...:)

HEY!!! whats going on????!!!! OUR other kid WINS too!!!! Wooooohoooooo......

Another hard (for us....) competition:

Woooohoooooo, another nomBIS and special rozette from judge!! both our kids go to final..... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so lets take a pause and look what we have .... ( we from Lithuania, but Latvia - becouse we in Latvia club )

Actualy, guess ... why i took camera to show? Maybe next picture will help you?

and this girl too....

I shooted one professional photografer ..... it was revenge :) (she shooted me too)

we have a lot of time before Best's... let go somewhere, maybe to our friends from Poland ?????

And the moments of glory:

Theo goes to podium:

Now its Aviles turn...

Good job kids.... enough for today.... :)




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