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Short video from 2010 y. Christmas TV show "Mano augintinis" ("My pet") in lithuanian language about Noksas LT Cornish Rex cattery:

First Cornish Rex cat, called Noksas, we got as a present. It was a surprise for us, because it was our first met Cornish Rex cat. He was very lovely, cute and curious. First look and we got in love with this breed.

Later we obtained two lovely male cats Ernis and Enshteinas (From Lithuania) and our beautiful female cats Frou-Frou (from Niederlands), Malaya (from Niederlands) and Chocorel (From Russia). 

We are very thankful to Chris (owner of Van Berkendonck cattery, NL) for the impressive and extreme type of Cornish Rex cats Frou-Frou and Malaya. After few months we unexpectedly found si-rex cat Chocorel in Moscow. To her beauty we could not resist. 

We are breeding Cornish rex in home environment. All breeding cats are members of our family, we love them very much. 

Our cattery NOKSAS*LT is located in Lithuania (Kaunas city) and registered in Fif'e organization.

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Kaunas, Lietuva